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Licensing Course


Home Inspection Licensing
We pride ourselves on high quality instruction given in small classes – no more than 14 students. All of our instructors are highly experienced, averaging over 20 years in the field. They bring in real life experiences from their ongoing and successful home inspection practices, which helps to create an informal, interactive learning environment that is interesting, informative and effective!

Our home inspection course consists of five modules; each of the first four modules is 25 hours of classroom instruction and module five provides 40 hours of field-based training. Modules 1 through 4 are non-sequential and therefore can be taken and completed in any order. This allows for maximum flexibility and enables you to begin in any month and complete the full course in as little as two to four months, or take up to one year and go at your own pace.
An Invitation:
We want to invite you to sit in on an actual class for FREE! Please be our guest for an actual four hour class on home inspection and give us candid feedback on your experience. If this is not for you or for any reason you don’t want to take this course you pay nothing. The class is free! If on the other hand you discover that this is an interesting field to enter and you envision yourself as a licensed home inspector, either as your own boss or working for someone else, enroll and continue the course. Your four hour class will count toward the required hours for completion!
So take the challenge! Call Today!

For more information about the New York State Licensing Law and the requirements to become a Licensed Home Inspector click here: or call us directly!

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The Home Inspection Licensing Course covers the following:

Module 1
• Structure
• Exterior
• Roof
Module 2
• Interior
• Electrical
• Ventilation
• Insulation
Module 3
• Heating
• Cooling
• Plumbing
Module 4
• Overview of Profession
• NYS License Law
• Report Writing

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